Welcoming Ben Teitelbaum as Blockstream's VP of Engineering
January 05, 2017

We’re excited to announce a new member to Blockstream’s executive team. Starting this month, Ben Teitelbaum is joining the leadership team at Blockstream as our new Vice President of Engineering.

We reviewed hundreds of resumes and met with dozens of potential candidates for the role. Ben’s professional background, experience leading engineering teams, and his passion for technology, coupled with his commitment to building products and platforms that solve real world problems, are an exceptional fit for Blockstream.

Prior to joining Blockstream, Ben was the CTO and VP of Engineering at Open Garden, leading the team that created the offline messaging app FireChat. Ben held leadership positions at three other peer-to-peer companies, including BitTorrent, Dyyno, and Plicto, which he co-founded. Plicto’s novel background transport protocol transformed the way that BitTorrent, Apple, and other companies deliver large downloads.

Earlier in his career, Ben led advanced networking programs for Internet2, a consortium of research universities. These included two voice-over-IP peering fabrics and an interdomain IP differentiated services testbed. Ben contributed to the engineering of the Abilene backbone network and led the team that won the SuperComputing 2000 Network Challenge Award for “Most Captivating and Best-Tuned Demonstration.” He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin and MIT and is the co-author of several IETF RFCs.

In addition to complementing our team, what we like about Ben is: he knows technology, having worked across multiple layers of the network stack; he gets engineers, having successfully managed teams in academia, industry, and startups; and Ben excels at bringing those two facets together in ways that create value for customers and end users.

We’re very fortunate to have him join the company to help our growing engineering team excel at delivering a number of exciting and industry leading projects this year. Please join me in welcoming Ben to Blockstream!