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Mining like a boss. We’ve been at this for a while.

Blockstream Mining provides enterprise-class mining facilities, management, and support for the colocation of Bitcoin mining equipment.

Reliable Infrastructure
Reliable Infrastructure
Our facilities are purpose-built with advanced power and cooling infrastructure for maximum reliability.
Secure Facilities
Secure Facilities
Access control systems, surveillance, and 24x7 onsite security staff ensure your equipment is always secure.
Management Platform
Management Platform
Configure and manage individual miners, select the mining pool of your choice, and monitor performance.

Interested in setting up a Bitcoin mine for your enterprise?

We believe that businesses built on Bitcoin should also mine Bitcoin to support the network’s security. Blockstream leverages its world-class infrastructure and expertise to provide enterprises with turnkey mining solutions that scale. And of course, we mine ourselves too!
World-Class Team
Our team has extensive experience building global mining infrastructure and operating one of the largest mining pools in the world. We have designed our solutions to meet the needs of institutional and enterprise customers worldwide.
Your Miners, Your Bitcoin
We provide you with complete control over your miners, from configuring the software that runs on your devices, to selecting a mining pool of your choice. Mining payouts are received directly to your own wallet and we never take custody of any bitcoin.
Decentralize Mining Together
Our optional Blockstream Mining Pool is based on the BetterHash protocol, which provides individual miners with full control over the transactions included in blocks, improving the overall censorship resistance of the Bitcoin network.

Extreme Optimization

Smart Cooling
We use the latest fluid dynamics and airflow modeling to design our facilities’ cooling systems.
Maximized Hashrate
Consistently cooler miners enable more hashrate with lower energy consumption.
Dust-free Environment
Specialized high-density air filtration systems keep miners clean and dust-free.
Blockstream Mining
Extended Longevity
Lower temperatures and cleaner air ensure miners continue to run longer and more reliably.
Rapid Deployment
Custom-designed, plug-and-play power distribution systems for fast installations.
Advanced Metering
Highly accurate, real-time metering of each miner’s individual power consumption.
Contact Our Sales Team
We are continuing to expand our mining capacity, please leave us your details and our sales team will be in touch with more info on how to get involved.